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    Quicksodes is a media company that produces and promotes entertainment films. Our areas of specialization include web shows, short films, music videos, social forum, podcasts, and media-related issues. With talent and aspiration, we aim to offer the best of online media trend to bring an impact to the society. We help filmmakers and entertainers to utilize their talents through art and entertainment.

    The Feedgasm

    The Feedgasm is an assorted media and information services company focused on distributing quality and intriguing newsfeeds to the consumers. We offer exclusive newsfeed with insight information. When it comes to reporting and presenting news, we deliver the materials with clarity, speed, and accuracy.


    AVRiQ is an online platform where people can search and book the best repair service for computer, laptop, tablet, mobile, and home appliances in the hour of need. When it comes to quality service providers, we have our local expert open round-the-clock for the customers in their locations. We assist our customers to contact with the technicians as per their service requirements. Customers can reach us through online chat or phone calls.

  • About Us

    Ivaid is a leading conglomerate with service and business providing group of companies. The name defines the essence of our services we offer. We pledge to transform the indigent to the greater good for an all-round development. Founded with an aim to enhance social and economic status as a whole, we deliver handpick reliable services to our partners and customers. Every day, we embrace the challenge of a new venture and achieving success by moving together. With a strong team of the workforce, we bring solutions to every experiment that comes our way. As a key player in the service-providing industry, team Ivaid commits to bringing prosperity to enthusiast business persons and young entrepreneurs around the world.

    Ivaid is trusted to invest money on entrepreneurs with large and small businesses. We have our operations organized into three business groups, namely AVRiQ, The Feedgasm, and Quicksodes. We have different operating divisions in technology, industrial, services, trading, media, finance, and more. Having expertise in the industry, our employees adopt the best practice to deliver the first-grade services to our customer communities. We focus on long-term relationship with our customers by creating a customer experience that will be addressed with aspiration. To build the bridge between customers and partners by working together, the company delivers the needs of their businesses.